Welcome to our FAQs, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, if there is anything else you would like to discuss please feel free to email us using the form below or give us a call. 

Business Users

  • StreetLinK is an “on-demand” mobile application and web portal designed for senders of same day/express parcels or packages (think “Uber” for parcels).
    We connect business with self-employed couriers directly.
    We vet all couriers on the platform and they must provide evidence of:
    Experience (at least one years).
    The right to work in the UK.
    Vehicle details.
    Insurance details.
    We want you to be secure in the knowledge that your goods and parcels are in experienced safe hands.

  • We accept all majoor debit and credit cards, we use Stripe to process all payments.

    Stripe has one of the best security encryptions available, so you know your card and personal details are completely secure.

    For more information about Stripe please visit the site: Stripe

    Alternatively you may want to apply for an invoice account, in which case please click on the link and fill out the enquiry form: Invoice Account Enquiry

  • Please register with us and we will email you a link along with your customer number. From there you will be able to set up your user account. 

  • Yes, you are in direct contact with the driver at all times.
    You will receive confirmations on collection, delivery and any extras such as waiting/loading time via text and to your designated email address.


  • We do not charge any registration fees!

    Please do not be fooled by claims of other platforms not charging, they ALL charge a fee of some sort or another, this may be an upfront fee or hidden in service/booking/circuit fees, but they all charge! Courier Exchanges validation fee £169.00+VAT, monthly membership fee from £49.00 has to be paid six months in advance +VAT.

    If you work for one of the ride hailing app we don’t have to tell you anything, you already know!

    We are happy for you to co-load jobs going in the same direction (in fact we encourage it) unless it is a direct service in which case the item is URGENT and has to go direct to its destination without any other deliveries or passenger pick ups (pco drivers). However, PRIORITY services have a HIGHER rate for the delivery.

    StreetLinks commission charge includes the following: app fee, booking fee, service charge, “Stripe Gateway” fee and VAT. There are no other charges that will be applied to your invoice save loss or damage to an item (where streetlink expects the courier or agent to have suitable cover in place for carrying goods in transit).

    You are totally in control and you choose when you want to draw on your payments. StreetLinK will credit your Stripe account 24 hours after the payment is cleared from the sender.

    Our commission is 25% of the final invoice and deducted at source. 


  • Here at StreetLink we are looking for experienced couriers so that our end users can be confident in your ability to get their parcel/package to its destination safely and on time.

    You will need one years (checkable) courier experience or two years as a pco driver as a minimum!

  • Absolutely, you can log on and off whenever and wherever you like and for as long as you want too. Even if you’re on holiday!

    Important Notice!!!

    Please be advised:

    StreetLinK cannot accept any responsibility nor can be held liable in any way for any personal injury or damage caused by wife, girlfriend, life partner,children or the dog if you decide to take a job whilst on holiday!

    At StreetLinK we believe that all riders and drivers must have a choice as to when they work, this is the true meaning of self-employment.

    You control every aspect of your working day as you see fit.

  • Invoices are paid every second Friday (subject to satisfactory POD) to your designated account.

    Extras such as waiting/loading time are paid at the same time as the invoice (subject to non disputed charges).

    You must inform Ops/control if you enter into waiting time as Streetlink must receive authorisation from the sender. We will NOT be able to pay waiting time if it is NOT authorised!

    All invoices are “self-billed” which means that the system will generate your invoice.

    You can track your earnings via the mobile app.

Courier Companies

  • If one of your drivers is booked via the app, the customer will be charged what is quoted ON OUR SYSTEM and we will pay you the balance the following week. Our week runs from Monday to Sunday. If you are booking on behalf of one of your customers, whatever rates you charge them is entirely up to you.