Your On Demand Courier Network London & UK Wide


In 2016 Bloomberg reported air quality in London at times, was worse than Beijing!

50% of all commercial journeys are made with empty vehicles!

We want to change that, with your help we intend to eliminate “running empty” vehicles from one end of a city to another which is a major a major cause of congestion and air pollution.

Enter StreetLinK, your on-demand courier network  London & soon UK Wide.

(please take a couple of minutes to watch the video at the bottom of the page, thank you)

Crowdsourcing Couriers in your immediate vicinity


Crowdsourcing, using the power of the crowd.

The StreetLinK platform connects you to vetted couriers/delivery agents in your immediate vicinity, which could be a minicab, courier company, independent courier or delivery rider depending on your requirement and who is available.

There are countless vehicles in your vicinity at any given moment sitting around waiting for their next job, harnessing the “power of the crowd” will eliminate empty couriers being called on miles away from your collection.

The only solution for todays on-demand economy.

Greener faster collections. helping the economy and just as importantly, the environment.

Your on demand courier network: Thinking about reducing your carbon footprint? Visit The Carbon Trust


To Be Beyond Carbon Neutral

We won’t just buy carbon credits to gain neutrality status, we want to create it for ourselves, our users and the couriers!


Ease Congestion. Reduce Pollution.

Resulting in improved air quality for future generations.

Your on demand Courier network

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